Monday, July 27, 2009

Choosing a Target

Black Falcons are not only amazing survivalists, but they are also extraordinary hunters. Because of it, they don’t wander around aimlessly. Instead, they always have a plan, and a reason of doing what they do. As a Falcon, the first thing you must always know what you want. Only then can you form the strategies needed to achieve them.

Of course, Black Falcons set goals a little differently than most people. For starters, Black Falcons would set goals to meet three of their basic needs:




Also, Black Falcons have a very distinct process of setting goals:
Because of their nature, they need a reason for survival. So when they first receive their calling, they would set a goal, defining their purposes in life. They would then devote their lives to fulfill their purposes.

But life rarely goes as planned. Soon, Black Falcons will encounter obstacles in their lives, and they would feel as though they are not making any progress pursuing their dreams. So at this point, Black Falcons will first need to take care of their survival. They would then create goals to solve the immediate problems in their lives.

Still, being the ambitious creatures we are, Black Falcons will never settle for survival. Our ambitions are the reasons of our survival. So after a point, we will start pushing ourselves, and create goals that are beyond the needs of our survival. This is the point you, as a black falcon, will start getting new challenges in your life, and in return, you will start gaining new skills, making more money, and living better lives.

The faster you can move from survival to growth, the faster you can start pursuing your dreams. Never settle for comfort, like the rest of the creatures that walk this earth.

We are the Black Falcons, the noble creatures that soar within a sky that has no boundaries.

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