Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Five Pillars of a Black Falcon

There are many ways how black falcons are different from others around us.

While others cling onto their current life for security, we seek new life for freedom.

While others work so they have food to eat, and a place to sleep, we work to gain the resources we need to fulfill our dreams.

While others stay within the world they’re familiar with, we fly out to turn unfamiliar worlds into our hunting ground.

For most people, as long as they’re healthy, moderately wealthy, and have a mate they can depend on, they’ll be happy to continue on with their lives. But we Black Falcons want to do much more with our lives, and to do that, there are five pillars within us that we need to constantly build and support:


Our lives are dangerous, and we survive, and succeed in it because we have the ability to outwit others around us. So as a black falcon, you must keep sharpening your wits. Stay informed, especially of what’s happening around us. Keep gaining new skills, and improve the ones you already have so you can maneuver freely in any territory. Most importantly, keep gaining new experiences, because that’s what will make you powerful.


We black falcons are majestic creatures who don’t need the glamorous outfit of peacocks to stand out. When others look at us with envy in their eyes, it is because we are such magnificent creatures naturally. So be confident, be edgy, and be charming. Let those qualities shine as you walk into the world, and start building a personal magnetism that will attract others to you.


Black Falcons are the perfect hunters, and we need a strong body to carry our will to the world. You must keep yourself active to keep your body strong, and free. You must also nourish your body by eating foods that help build your perfect body. The healthier you are, the more power you’ll have, and the more power you have, the freer you’ll be.


Black Falcons have high goals and ambitions, but we live in a material world, driven by money. We must, therefore, acquire enormous wealth. This way, we’ll have the resources to not only survive, but to build our dreams, whatever they are.

Self Discipline

Most people are controlled by their instincts, but we Black Falcons control our instincts. We are ambitious, driven, and motivated because these instincts help us get what we want in life. At the same time, we stay on top of our fear, weaknesses, and our inner darkness, only using them to get what we want in life.

Also, as you grow these pillars, remember to keep them in balance. This way, you will have the power you need to master your life, and the freedom to shape it, however you want.

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