Saturday, July 18, 2009

Declarations from the Black Falcon

If you believe in living a modest life, living day to day according to someone else’s rules, and always playing it safe, stop reading.

Life of a black falcon is dangerous. It’s about being the first ones to jump off a cliff, and diving head first into the ocean. It’s about laughing at the face of danger, and taking on challenges others are afraid of. It’s about knowing what you want, and getting it without hesitation. But most importantly, it’s about being free: free to do what you want. Free to go where you want to go. Free to be whoever you want to be.

Black falcons are cunning. As natural survivalists, they are always seeking new opportunities; gather new resources, and gaining new skills.

Black falcons are smart. They are creative in both planning, and executing their plans. They can maneuver in any tough situation, and know exactly how to achieve their victories.

Black falcons are ambitious. They will keep growing, and thriving, beyond their survival. In doing so, they are able to strengthen their wings, and achieve whatever they want in life.

Black falcons live by their own rules. They move through the world without apology, always staying one step ahead of everyone else. They are unique creatures that can do anything they set their minds to.

There are no tricks to becoming a black falcon. Sure, there are many useful tools that will help black falcons be black falcons. But you should only use these tools if you are ready. If you try to imitate a black falcon, instead of becoming one, these tools will turn on you, and you will pay a heavy price for trying to use them.

So how do you become a black falcon? You have to have guts, and determination. You have to start standing out, or even stepping out from your current life, and surround yourself with other black falcons. You have to be strong, smart, and cunning. But above all, you have to give everything you have to the life of a black falcon, and then some more.

There is an exciting new world waiting for you right now, and all you have to do is dive into it like a black falcon. So, are you ready?

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