Thursday, August 20, 2009

Laying Down Your Plan

A beast jumps on a prey as soon as it’s hungry, and in the process, exposes itself to the risks of traps from other predators. A hunter, on the other hand, walks into every situation prepared. They walk into a situation, ready to take down their targets. That’s why, as a Black Falcon, you cannot settle for the abilities of a beast. You must also become a hunter, and the way to do that is by knowing how to lay out a plan.

To lay out a plan, you must have control, at least to some degrees, over 5 essential elements. These are:


It doesn’t matter how good your plan is, or what opportunities are given. To be successful, you must be the superior hunter. So you must keep improving yourself, and become a better Black Falcon. If you can do that, you’ll have a very strong foundation for success.


Resources in this case are defined as anything you need to attain your goals. Ideally, these resources should already be in your possession. However, in case that you don’t have all the resources you need, you must develop a plan that would give you access to these resources, and use it to achieve your goals.


When are you going to start on your goal, and when are you going to achieve it? These are the two questions you need to ask yourself as you are developing a plan. Also, you need to keep your eyes open for opportunities, which are often time sensitive, and time your plans so that you can take advantage of them.

Your Social Circle

The people around you can be your most valuable resources, if you use them properly Figure out what everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are, and how you can use that to achieve your goal. You should also figure out what kind of people you need in your social circle so that you can achieve your goal.


So how are you going to get your goal? How do you use the skills, the resources, and time you have to get your goal? Your strategy defines how you are going to act in accordance to your plan, so that you may get whatever it is you want.

Finally, keep your plans to yourself, or only share with those who you know you can trust. This will make your plans more effective as you are executing them.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Disappointing Game

Black Falcons thrive on the night scene. Through interacting with others, we gain the skills we need to win people over, and let them help us with our quest.

But the night scene is also the hunting ground for another breed of hunters: the pickup artists. These hunters thrive on the affection of others, and the more people they seduce, the more active they become.

The pickup community is also one of the fastest growing communities out there. These hunters, mostly men, are out and about every chance they get, trying to perfect their seduction techniques so they can more effectively conquer their targets.
But members of this community don’t seem to have the dignity, or even the realization, of a hunter.

This could be a gross generalization of course. After all, from what we can see, there are many factions of pick up communities. So it is possible that some of them, like we Black Falcons, actually carry themselves with dignity. But when we step into a club, almost always we see these pickup artists performing for the women they desire, hoping that their performance will gain the women’s approval.

True hunters never bow down to their prey, and in many ways, these pick up artists are doing just that. The way they perform for the women in clubs are no different than the way a street performer would hold out an empty hat, then sing, dance, or perform magic to try to win over some spare change. They may win a few nights of glory playing their game, but every time we Black Falcons see the same pick up artists performing in the same clubs, it becomes obvious to us that despite their victories, they really have not grown.

The book that most pick up artists today follow, called “The Game” seems to be more evident t this fact.

The techniques within the book suggest that the pickup artist first make himself stand out by wearing ridiculous clothes and gadgets. Then starting to talk to a woman, “nag” the target by saying things like “too bad I’m gay, otherwise I’ll be totally into you.” The combine the nags with “kino,” that is, apparently, a fancy way of saying to physically touch the girl, and then slowly ease the girl into sleeping with the pickup artist.

What the book should have taught readers is, instead, how to improve themselves so that they’re naturally attractive. After all, while these pickup artists walk into a club, and start performing magic to the women, plenty of men can actually simply walk in, start a conversation, and immediately, they’ve already won the girl.

As for integrating the pickup arts to the Black Falcons’ community…well…if the Game is any indication, it won’t happen anytime soon.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Be Dominant, Be Direct

Black Falcons, now is the time you take everything you have learned so far, and show the world what it means to be a Black Falcon.

So what do you have to do?

Simple: all you have to do is go to a public social location, such as a cafĂ©, a restaurant, or a lounge, strike up a conversation, and introduce yourself as a Black Falcon. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

So let’s make this game more challenging. After introducing yourself as a Black Falcon, your goal is to get the person excited about the Black Falcons, and get their contact information so that you can send them the information they need to realize their potential as Black Falcons. Do this every day, and each day, you want to collect more contacts than the previous day.

When you are first starting out, this is probably what’s going to happen:

You’re going to sit by yourself, trying to figure out what to say while people walk by all around you. You’ll then have to spend even more time trying to make up your mind to approach someone before you actually talk to someone. Then when you finally start talking, the conversation will mostly likely be about something completely unrelated to the Black Falcons. You may end up talking about the Black Falcons, you may not, but even if you do, the topic will just sound like another conversation topic, and the other person won’t give it too much attention.

So instead, this is what you should do:

  1. Go up to the person, and introduce yourself directly (i.e. Hi, my name is X.)
  2. Let them introduce themselves, and respond to them appropriately
  3. Start a conversation about the Black Falcons
  4. Get their contact information

As you can see, there are no tricks to the conversation itself. This is because what you say doesn’t matter. The only way to truly win someone over is by demonstrating that you are a true Black Falcon. You must move through the room without apology, and approach someone confidently. You must have a magnetic presence that will immediately draw the other person into your presence, and gain control of their fear to gain their respect.

And you must do all of this by simply walking over to the person, and say hi.

Only then can you truly call yourself a Black Falcon.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fear, and How to Use It

Niccolo Machiavelli once said, “It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot have both.”

At the core of every Black Falcon is a great hunter, waiting to unleash its claws and swiftly swoop away whatever it sets its eyes on. For that purpose, Black Falcons are always honing their hunting skills so that, when the time comes, they can easily hunt down their targets, and even defeat all their competitors in the process.

But it doesn’t matter how great your hunting skills are. In order to become a great hunter, you need to avoid conflicts as much as possible, and have you targets surrender themselves to you.


The reason is simple: because we Black Falcons are different from other hunters. In fact, the reason we keep training our skills is not just so that we can get what we want in life. We keep improving ourselves because we want to defeat the other hunters, who are constantly trying to compete with us in getting our targets. So the less we have to fight, the more advantages we have over our competitors. It is for this very reason that we, Black Falcons, must understand fear, and learn to use its power for ourselves.

To name a few reasons why you must master fear:

  1. The only way a prey would surrender itself to you is if you completely dominate it, and in order for you to dominate your prey, it must fear you to a certain degree.
  2. The power of fear will also help you defeat your competitors, who will not stand a chance in a competition since you have dominated them with fear.
  3. Your competitors will also try to knock you down with fear, and the only way to prevent that is by crippling them with fear.

Unfortunately, the power to create fear is not a skill you can learn. But you can hone it, and in fact, you have already learned a few ways of living your life that will help build your presence, which will then let you master the powers of fear.

Here’s a quick recap:

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Fight Club

Finding references to a Black Falcon’s lifestyle is not easy, especially since pop culture, in general, promotes the mediocre lifestyle of most people. But once in a blue moon, something would come out of the left field, and impress even us Black Falcons.

In 1996, author Chuck Palahniu wrote a novel called “Fight Club.” The book is then adapted to movie, starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. The movie has since gained cult status, and has continued to impact movie lovers even to this day.

The main character of the movie, commonly referred to as the narrator, is a common office worker. The movie starts with him trying to find a cure to his insomnia. He later found the cure by attending various support groups as an imposter for various symptoms. Unfortunately, the cure didn’t last too long because there was another imposter, Marla Singer, attending the same groups as he. So finally in desperation, he negotiates a deal with Marla, so both of them can attend the support groups without running into each other.

After flying home from a business trip, the narrator finds his house destroyed by an explosion. With no one to turn to in the situation, he called a man named “Tyler Durden,” a soap salesman whom he met on the plane. From that point on, the two started living together. Together, they started the “Fight Club,” which is essentially a gathering of people who comes together, and fight with one another just for the fun of it.

Eventually, though, Tyler started distancing himself from the narrator, and started his own private armies all around the country. Then after a series of events, the narrator discovers something called “Project Mayhem.” After digging deeper, it is revealed that Tyler wants to blow up every major creditor in America. The narrator also discovers that his friend, Tyler Durden is , in fact, the narrator’s own alter ego. So in an effort to stop Tyler, the narrator shot himself, and is wounded, but alive. Nevertheless, the bombs still detonated in the buildings of all the major creditors, completing the goal of Project Mayhem.

So how is this movie important to us Black Falcons?

In a sense, we Black Falcons are also trying to accomplish what Tyler Durden wanted to achieve with Project Mayhem. We want the freedom to choose our own lives, and not be controlled by some system set up by society. We also want to strengthen ourselves, just like how the men in fight club strengthen themselves.

But most important thing about Fight Club is that it tells us Black Falcons what it is that makes us different. It is not our clothes, the cars we drive, or how much money we make. It is who we are as a person that makes us Black Flacons.
So if you haven’t watched the movie, make sure that you do. This movie will change the way you see the world, and help start your journey as a Black Falcon.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Art of Saying No

As we step into the world, the first thing we learn about building our personal endurance and power is be willing to handle rejections. In fact, you also need to be able to handle rejections to be a Black Falcon. If someone doesn’t like you for who you are, the best thing you can do is to just walk away. There is no point trying to change someone else’s mind when you can spend more time just being yourself.

But being unaffected by rejections alone does not make you a Black Falcon. You also have to be very vocal about your own opinions. A lot of the times, this means saying no to others, even if they try to persuade you to do otherwise.

Still, simply saying no is not enough. The important thing is that you must put your personality across, and set up your boundaries powerfully. Here are a few things to watch out for:

1. Be Direct

If you try to make excuses to wiggle yourself out of a situation, you’ve already lost. You may be able to get away with it most of the time, but eventually, someone forceful enough will see the excuses as a sign of weakness, and simply overturn your rejection. You’re much more likely going to get respected by simply being forthcoming with your opinions.

2. Be Firm

No one likes rejections. So a lot of times, you’ll run into situations when people, usually other predators, would be very persistent and would try to take power away from your rejection. Always remember to stand your ground. If they keep trying after that, simply walk away. Nothing good will come out of the interaction if you stay in there.

3. Be Courteous

You have to be firm with your rejections, but as Black Falcons, we also have to respect the social dynamics around us. Be honest with your opinions, and make yourself clear when you’re rejecting someone. But don’t insult anyone. If you don’t respect others, they’re not going to respect you either, and as Black Falcons, you should be able to hold your ground without resorting to petty insults.

Finally, as Black Falcons, we must always uphold our dignity. If someone tries to challenge our rejections, don’t even bother giving that person any acknowledgement. Just stay as you are, and they’ll have no choice but to walk away.

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Friday, August 7, 2009


All hunters, no matter how good their hunting skills are, need their own safe haven to rest, and gather resources so that they will have the strength needed to hunt down those really valuable targets.

We Black Falcons are the same.

But unlike most other hunters, we are not totally dependent on our safe haven. We can nest anywhere, anytime, and gather all the resources we need to strengthen ourselves before leaving our nest. To us, our nests are not just a home. It is more of a symbol of our ability to adapt and strengthen ourselves, regardless of the situation we find ourselves in.

Nesting is an art for us Black Falcons. Unlike others, we don’t just look for somewhere that’s comfortable, and start building our lives around us. Rather, we decide what we want to do, and find a nest that will support it. Typically, a Black Falcon’s nest would exhibit the following traits:


This is the basic requirement for a nest. In order for us to keep performing as the best hunters we can be, we Black Falcons always want to make sure that our nests can nourish us. So the first things you need to do when nesting yourself is prepare your nest with:
  • A generous supply of healthy foods
  • Mediums that let you keep in touch with the world around you (such as TV, Telephone, Internet, and News and Magazine subscriptions.)
  • Easily Accessible Cleaning Supplies and Storage Units to keep your nest clean and organized
  • Good quality clothes for all social occasions
  • Proper Furnishing to showcase your nest for social occasions
Rich in Resources

No matter what your goals are, if you can easily access the resources you need, you will have a much better chance of achieve them, particularly if there are other competitors in your way. We Black Falcons are always pursuing a goal. So naturally, you need to have a nest that can store all the resources you need.

Here are a few things your nest needs:
  • Books and reference materials both rich in information and topic-specific for your goals
  • Specific tools and gadgets that help you in your pursuits
  • Money or mediums, such as keys to storage units, in case you need to quickly access money in emergency
  • Secure storage options to let you safe keep the resources you gather
  • Contact books, business card holders, and some type of organization system that let you quickly find and reach the contacts you need for different purposes.
Conveniently Located

Black Falcons are always on the go, pursuing their desires. So they need to have access to various resources outside of their nests. So we Black Falcons should do everything in our power to make sure that our nests have easy access to:
  • Grocery and convenient stores
  • Drug stores and health clinics
  • Major roads and public transportation options
  • Social gathering venues

A Black Falcon’s nest is extremely valuable. So we must safeguard it from other predators. When you build a nest for yourself, you must spend just as much effort into securing it as you are to building it. In fact, your goal should be to make your nest only assessable to you. If others want to access it, they must do it in your presence.

Here are a few ways to secure your nest:
  • Use password, or secure access technology instead of locks, which can be picked
  • Secure your nest with a reputable security company
  • Install cameras, and monitoring devices to warn you if danger is approaching
  • Find a nest that is not directly beside a lot of foot traffic
Easy to Relocate From

A Black Falcon’s nest has one purpose and one purpose only: to support a Black Falcon. A Black Falcon is always in pursuit of their goals, and sometimes, this pursuit will require the Falcon to relocate. In this case, the nest must be able to easily and swiftly move from it.

Here are a few ways to prepare your home for relocation
  • Avoid tying yourself to the nest with debts and other commitments
  • Prepare portable storage units that let you relocate whenever you want
  • Have storage outside of your nest for resources you want in storage
  • Have access to vehicles

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Black Falcon’s Instincts

People in power want to stay in power, and they would do everything in their power to keep you where you are, so they have power over you.

The reason society is created is not just to keep human beings safe. It is also a way of controlling the masses. Sure, it will provide protection and comfort for those who stay within its boundaries, but it will also keep valuable opportunities and resources out of your reach. Unfortunately, these are also the resources and opportunities we Black Falcons need to be Black Falcons, so it goes without saying that we need to, at least, be able to step outside of social rules and conditioning, and hunt in a world not shielded by politics and social constraints.

But stepping outside of society’s protections is not without its risks. As you’ll soon find out, the world on the other side is dangerous. It is filled with other predators, and even we Black Falcons need to constantly keep an eye out for predators that are trying to sneak up on us for an assault. We need to keep improving our hunting skills so that we can stay a few steps ahead of all the other hunters. But even more so, we need to develop very sharp instincts, and know when danger is approaching, and how to defeat it.

Training your instincts

So how do you train your hunter’s instincts?

The best way to do this is simply to start hunting. For us Black Falcons, this means stepping out of our comfort zone, and living life more aggressively. For example, if you work for a major company, you can start aggressively climbing the corporate ladder, and sharpen your skills by competing with others for a position. If you have a business idea, put the plan into action, and find a competitive edge so that you can start competing with established businesses in your field. Also, keep winning people over, and gathering them around you, because social instincts is probably the most important hunting instinct for Black Falcons.

Once a Black Falcon becomes a proficient hunter, that Falcon would then start hunting in “Treasure Ground.” This is a part of society that has a lot of high reward opportunities, but is only accessible to people with enough skills and powers. At this stage, Black Falcons will be hunting with leaders of their fields, competing for these opportunities, and at the same time, defeat the other predators in this ground.

Finally, remember to listen to your instincts. As time goes by, Black Falcons will develop natural instincts that guide them to the best course of action to achieve their goals. But your instincts will not act for you. You must choose to follow your instincts, and use them as a powerful tool during your hunt.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Black Falcons' Magnetism

To be a Black Falcon, you must always grace the world with a magnetic presence. When you walk into the world, you want every pair of eyes in the room to turn towards you. When you meet someone, you want to immediately win over that person, and make them want to follow you. In fact, how successful you are as a Black Falcons depends on your ability to attract and win over the minds of others.

Here are the characteristics of a black falcon’s magnetism

Dependable Strength

People are constantly looking to align themselves with others, but the world is always teaching them the consequences of aligning with the wrong people. At the very least, you need to be able to gain others’ trust. A Black Falcon can do this by projecting an aura of strength, and would naturally let others feel safe to depend on them.

Personal Glow and Charm

Some people naturally stand out. Without spending their savings blindly following the latest fashion trend, or hide in an exotic foreign vehicle, these people naturally stand out from the crowd. Black Falcons are these people. Without trying, they would shine like a star, and draw others naturally into their lives.


Sex one of the strongest instincts of all animals. We Black Falcons understand this, and we also understand the power it has beyond a simple mating ritual. We are always projecting a feeling of sexuality to others around us. This makes us Black Falcons naturally attractive, even if we’re not trying to mate with someone.


People are either consciously or unconsciously drawn to others who are valuable to them. Black Falcons are always gaining resources, new skills, and social connections. We would, therefore, continue to gain values, and these values are naturally communicated to others through the way we conduct our, so others naturally want to align themselves with us.

Personal Abundance

Most people are not in control of their lives. They live in scarcity, and are too busy with their own lives to develop a personal charm. We Black Falcons are always in control of our lives, and are always living with abundance. So we naturally project this abundance to others, which would attract others to us.


Finally, Black Falcons’ would also project a hint of danger to others. We have a way of keeping others at the edge, and keep them guessing what our next moves would be. Every moment others spend with us, they would feel like they’re in an adventure. This is why we Black Falcons can always draw others into our lives with their curiosity.

The way to develop your personal magnetism is by keep going out, and winning others over. The more people you win over, the more magnetism you will get, and the more successful you will become as a Black Falcon

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Monday, August 3, 2009

When Life is Not So Great

Suppose today, someone broke into your house, and completely cleared your house. What would you do?

Most people would probably start panicking at this point. They would jump up and down, not knowing what to do. A lot of people would even keep trying to look around the house, as if they’re trying to find some kind of evidence to deny the burglary. When reality finally sets in, they would finally call the police. But by then, they would have lost a lot of valuable time, and makes it harder for the police to track down the criminals for them.

A Black Falcon would do something completely different. Being the natural hunters they are, the first thing they would do is immediately try to capture the criminals. So the first thing they would do is immediately call the police. They would then immediately follow up the efforts by putting the alerts out on all their bank cards, credit cards, and personal identification documents. Finally, they would focus their efforts on replacing the stolen properties, and adapt their lives to move on, despite of their loss.

The difference between the two is obvious.

Most people are completely powerless over themselves, so they are equally as powerless over their own lives. They live day to day, under a system someone else set up for them. Then as something happens, and that system is disrupted, the go on a frenzy. They gave up their power to others, so they don’t have any power left for themselves.

Black Falcons runs into all the same accidents and unfortunate events as everyone else. But the one thing that defines Black Falcons is their power over themselves. If something strikes them down, they have the power within them to get right back up. They are always in control of their own lives, so even in the face of a few accidents; they will still take charge, and fix whatever problems that overtake them.

So when you walk through life, always demonstrate that you have power over yourself, and that your life is not dictated by others. If you do that, you will notice that even the most severe accidents don’t affect you as much, and you will know exactly how to deal with these problems.

Good luck, Black Falcons.

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Getting Standards and Principals

There is nothing wrong with being a follower. In fact, falcons have survived for decades both in the wild, and under someone else’s care. But no matter where they are, or how they live, they are still the powerful hunters that grace the sky with their presence. In fact, this strength of character is what allows them to survive as falcons, instead of pets or food like so many other animals coexisting with humans today.

We Black Falcons are always interacting with other human beings. So sooner or later, you will learn that, in any social interaction, the stronger mental frame will always absorb the weaker mental frame. So you always have to uphold your value in any social interaction. Otherwise, others will unconsciously perceive you as being weak, and can even start alienating you from your own social circle.
There are two basic ways to build your presence and value

Setting Standards for Yourself

All of us were taught since a very young age that in order to get others to like us, we have to learn to compromise when dealing with others. This is a mistake. It’s not that you can’t make some sacrifices when dealing with others. But if you compromise yourself, you let others dictate who you are, and that, in itself, is a sign of weakness.

People want to respect you, but you must first show that you respect yourself. So the first thing you need to do is set standards. Voice your opinions, and let others know what you like, or don’t like. If someone is being rude to you, or crosses a line in their interaction with you, let them know that their behavior is unacceptable. If you always uphold these standards, others will come to respect it, and those who don’t shouldn’t be around you anyways.

Living with Principals

People will generally respect your standards. But once in a while, they will challenge it just to see how strong they are. The weaker your standards are, and the more you practice double standards, letting a few individuals get away with violating your standards, the more others will challenge it. So you must keep strengthening your standards so that others will follow them.

The way to strengthen your standards is by making sure that who you are is congruent with these standards. To do that, you must establish certain principals about how to conduct yourself, and live according to those principals. You will find that the more you live according to your principals, the less people will challenge your standards.

But more importantly, you must always put yourself out there. Challenge your own standards and values. In the end, this is the best way to of gaining personal power.

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Get Involved with the Black Falcon World

We Black Falcons have always existed in the world. Even before the start of civilization, it is us Black Falcons who decided that we want to enjoy more than basic survival, and built the world we know today from the grounds up.

However, it isn’t until recently that we’re known as the Black Falcons, and we are a diverse force when we can be united, and roam the world with a powerful presence. To do that, we need to first establish a way of communication, so we can plan gatherings, share our thoughts, and meet other Black Falcons all around the world.

Here are a few ways to get involved today.


Facebook is arguably the most influential social media platform today. What you do is first create a presentation of yourself online. From there, you can meet with others, join discussions, as well as keep updated with events associated with you.

To join the network of Black Falcons on Facebook, all you have to do is go to The Black Falcon's Facebook Page and become a fan. From there, you can join discussions, learn about events, and meet other Black Falcons. This will also help you build your network of Black Falcons


As the Black Falcon community grows, there will be more and more news for us Black Falcons, and you’ll need a way to keep updated of all these news.

An easy way to do this is with Twitter. Even if you don’t have time reading about all the things happening in our world, you can still get updated. All you have to do is follow the Black Falcon’s twitter at


RSS feed will deliver the Call of the Black Falcon directly to your email or Blog Reader. This way, you will have access to the content of Call of the Black Falcon, even if you don’t visit the blog every day.

To subscribe to the Call of the Black Falcon’s RSS feed, simply click on the button at the top of the menu at the right, or enter your email address and click subscribe. After that, every time a new article comes out, it will get delivered directly to you.

The Black Falcon is a young community, but being that we are the Black Falcons, we can make it grow faster and stronger than anyone thought possible. So get involved today.

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Proud to Be Yourself

As you may or may not know, this weekend is the global pride weekend. In case you don’t know what that means, this is the time when gays and lesbians from all around the world come out, and celebrate their individuality. In fact, tomorrow, countries all around the world will be hosting a Global Pride Parade.

This parade symbolizes one of the most important things we Black Falcons stand for: Freedom, or more specifically, freedom to be who you want to be. It takes a lot of courage for these men and women around the world to stand up, and celebrate no matter what anyone else thinks of them. This is the kind of character we Black Falcons need to have.

To be a Black Falcon, you need to always put yourself out there, and build your social circle from the grounds up. But it’s not enough to just meet people. You must be able to hold on to them as well, or your social circle would eventually disappear. If you can’t even freely be yourself, how can you expect others to like you for who you are?

So even if you’re not gay, go out and cheer for them. These men and women have chosen not to sacrifice who they are, and instead would celebrate it with pride. As Black Falcons, the least we can do is support them in their cause.

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Friday, July 31, 2009

Understanding Crowd Dynamics

As Black Falcons, one of the things you always have to do is put yourself out there, and build a strong social circle that will help you pursue your ambitions. But here’s the catch: you must be able to hold a crowd. Otherwise, even if you can get a large social circle around you, it will slowly diminish until it eventually disappears.

So how do you hold a crowd? Believe it or not, it is actually a lot simpler than it sounds. Here are the reasons why people would join a social circle:

They Want to Feel Safe

When a person is alone in the world, the world often looks like a dangerous place. This is because deep down, people feel week when they’re along by themselves. So they would want to align themselves with a crowd of people. This way, they would feel more at ease with themselves.

They Want to Feel Important

Gangs, cults, and terrorist organizations have always found ways of gathering huge followings, even though a lot of their followers knew the consequences of aligning themselves with these organizations. But they still join the organizations, and would even convince themselves that they have made the right choice. This is because they want to feel important, and by joining these organizations, they feel that they are taking part in something bigger than they are.

They are Seeking Love and Friendship

All people, even us Black Falcons, seek connection with other human beings. So it’s no surprise that people would enter into social circles because they are looking for love and connection from others. The more a group makes them feel like they belong there, the more likely they would stay within a group.

The Group can Help Them Achieve Their Goals

We Black Falcons are always seeking to expand our social network to help us achieve their goals, so it’s no surprise that others are doing the same. People will join a group or organization if they feel that it can help them achieve their goals. This is, however, the least effective way to build your social network. Unless your group also offer other values, people would simply take what they want, and leave.

They Like to Feel That They’ve Accomplished Something

All of us have the aspirations to achieve something with our lives. That’s why people would join charity organizations, and give their time without pay. An example of this is the Red Cross, which was founded in 1863 and is still a powerful organization even to this date. People are more likely going to join, and stay in an organization with a strong mission statement, and include everyone in an effort to achieve a common goal.

They Want to Have Fun

Finally, people want to be entertained. They are drawn to exciting group dynamics, and want to have a fun time when they’re out and about. It goes without saying that the more fun people have with a group, the more likely they will come back.

Start building your social circle by first joining some successful organizations, and learn how the social dynamics work there. Once you are familiar with interacting with a crowd, building your own circle will come naturally.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Training Your Hunting Skills

As Black Falcons, our survival depends on our superior hunting abilities. We are the Black Falcons because we can swiftly seek out, and hunt down our targets. That’s why, as a Black Falcon, you must keep training and sharpening your abilities. This way, when the right opportunity comes, you’ll be able to take advantage of it and achieve your goals

Of course, all of us have different goal, and we each require a unique skill of our own to hunt down our target. But having said that, there are five ways you can start sharpening your abilities, and prepare you for your goals.

Research and Strategizing

In the wild, Black Falcons would study their prey from out of sight, and attack at precisely the right moment. Here in this world, we Black Falcons need to be able to study our target from a distance, and grasp the right opportunities before anyone else to achieve our dreams. But how do you do it?

Luckily, Black Falcons of today have access to almost any information in the world. So as you are preparing yourself for your ultimate goals, you must first start collecting all the information related to them. Eventually, you will start noticing patterns, and start forming strategies to attaining your goals

Building Your Social Circle

We live in a world surrounded and governed by people. In fact, a lot of the resources we need are being controlled by others. The only way to get them, therefore, is with the right connection. For this reason, you must start building up your social circle. Only then can you secure the connections you need to various resources.

The information age has produced many social media networks for you to meet and connect with others. But technology is merely a tool to help you strengthen the relationships you build. You must also actively go out, and meet people. Only then will you make friends who will give you whatever support you need to accomplish your dreams.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

As Black Falcons, our goals are usually ambitious and unique. However, there are other hunters roaming the sky with us as well, and if they happen to have targets very similar to ours, we would just have to compete with them, and win.
The best way to ensure your victory is to be able to pursue your goals better than everyone else. Therefore, you must do everything you can to ensure that you can outperform everyone else. Some ways to do this are getting information that no one else has access to, gaining superior skills, and hunting down smaller competitors to gain strengths against stronger competitors.

Have the Resources You Need

We Black Falcons have very ambitious goals, and to pursue these goals, we need the right resources. Usually this means money. Sometimes, though, money is not enough, in which case, some resources that may come in handy are social status, people with special skills, and the proper rights and licenses.
You will learn how to become an effective gatherer of resources soon, but the one thing you must do right now is know exactly what resources you need to pursue your life’s purpose, and start immediately on acquiring them. This way, when the right opportunity comes, you will be able to pursue them.

Gaining Authority in Your Field

As Black Falcons, it is in our nature to hunt down our targets because we know we can. To get that, though, we must come out as assume more powerful and more dominant roles. The more power you have, the more likely you’ll succeed.
When you’re first starting out, you can start acquiring authority by aligning yourself with powerful and influential individuals. You must then learn to interact with them as equals. Once you do that, start using your influences to build more power. You will learn this interaction in more detail at a later post.

So good luck, Black Falcons, and happy hunting.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Round of Applause for Ben Bernanke

Black Falcons are both natural survivalists, and ambitious hunters. So to be a Black Falcon, a person will need to be able to solve the problems at hand, and at the same time, aim their goals for something greater.

Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke demonstrated these characteristics of a Black Falcon.

In a recent press conference, Mr. Bernanke laid out the plans he and the Federal Reserve has initiated to recover the economy. But he does not stop there. He looks ahead, and predicts that America is going to come back stronger than before the recession.

"I don't think we'll ever completely eliminate financial crises, but there are ways to make sure one this severe never happens again," Bernanke said. "We need to have a council or group of regulators that look at the financial system as a whole and look for gaps. And 'too big to fail' has to go."

"The silver lining in this whole thing is that people are starting to save more, since they saw what happened with 401(k) investments," Bernanke said. "People are adopting good habits, so not only will we will be back on track, but the economy will be stronger than it had been before this started."

It is easy to blame the people on top, like Mr. Bernanke, for job losses and the financial crisis. But it takes a true Black Falcon to take the heat of these blames, and still has the strength to keep going. But Mr. Bernanke not only took the criticism, but also accepts the blame from his audience

"We were late in addressing the subprime lending problem," Bernanke admitted. "We put together a set of rules that apply to all lenders, and I hope that solves the problem, but those weren't in place early enough. We have to take some heat for that, I think that's appropriate."

Even Warren Buffett jumps in to praise Mr. Bernanke. According to him, the United States has a good team leading the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve as it fights what he’s called an economic war. He even went so far to say that he can’t see how the nation could do better than Ben Bernanke as Federal Reserve chairman.

So give Mr. Bernanke a round of applause, Black Falcons.

He deserves it

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Choosing a Target

Black Falcons are not only amazing survivalists, but they are also extraordinary hunters. Because of it, they don’t wander around aimlessly. Instead, they always have a plan, and a reason of doing what they do. As a Falcon, the first thing you must always know what you want. Only then can you form the strategies needed to achieve them.

Of course, Black Falcons set goals a little differently than most people. For starters, Black Falcons would set goals to meet three of their basic needs:




Also, Black Falcons have a very distinct process of setting goals:
Because of their nature, they need a reason for survival. So when they first receive their calling, they would set a goal, defining their purposes in life. They would then devote their lives to fulfill their purposes.

But life rarely goes as planned. Soon, Black Falcons will encounter obstacles in their lives, and they would feel as though they are not making any progress pursuing their dreams. So at this point, Black Falcons will first need to take care of their survival. They would then create goals to solve the immediate problems in their lives.

Still, being the ambitious creatures we are, Black Falcons will never settle for survival. Our ambitions are the reasons of our survival. So after a point, we will start pushing ourselves, and create goals that are beyond the needs of our survival. This is the point you, as a black falcon, will start getting new challenges in your life, and in return, you will start gaining new skills, making more money, and living better lives.

The faster you can move from survival to growth, the faster you can start pursuing your dreams. Never settle for comfort, like the rest of the creatures that walk this earth.

We are the Black Falcons, the noble creatures that soar within a sky that has no boundaries.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Flying Together

Black Falcons are strong, noble creatures. They are independent hunters, who often refuse to cooperate with others, thinking that their superior skills means that they don’t need to rely on anyone.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

Remember, we live in a world filled with people. Whatever your goals are, there is probably someone with goals very similar to yours. Not only that, but these people may have the resources, the skills, or even the people they need to back them up. If you cannot overpower them, they will take your dreams away from you.

So this is the part where you make a choice:

You can choose to keep gaining new skills, new resources, and try to outwit your competitor by yourself. But chances are, you will spend so much time trying to improve yourself that you won’t even have time to pursue your goals.

Or you can fly together with other falcons. We are the perfect hunters, with the skills, the resources, and the ambitions you need to succeed. If the Black Falcons unite together, we will form a powerful and unstoppable force. When that happens, we will achieve something no individual falcon can achieve. We will become a powerful organization that can get whatever we want, and no one will be able to stop us.

So here are a few things you can do today to ally yourself with other Black Falcons.

1. Find other Black Falcons: There are a lot of Black Falcons in the world, but many of them haven’t received their calling yet. They haven’t realized that Black Falcon is who they’re meant to be. Find them, and reveal yourself to them. If they are truly Black Falcons, they will come to your side.

2. Become a gatherer: Right now, with the world being the way it is, Black Falcons are scattered all over the world. Build up your circle of Falcons with a common vision. You will gain enormous power in the process.

3. Merge with other gatherings: When you meet other Black Falcon gatherings, merge together in a powerful alliance. During this time, the gatherer will represent the vision of their gathering, and form a circle of Black Falcon gatherers. This circle, of course, represents the power the organization now holds.

We may be dormant now, but we are all around you. So take initiative. The day will soon come when the Black Falcons will become a powerful group of skillful masterminds, and others will watch us with envy.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Skills of a Black Falcon

The most important characteristic that defines a black falcon is his strong will and ambition. But just like in nature where black falcons rely on their wings and claws to survive, we Black Falcons of society need to rely on our superior skills.

Here are the essential skills of a Black Falcon:

Ability to Strategize

To be a successful hunter, black falcons have learned to keep themselves out of sight, only attacking when they know they can take their prey down. We Black Falcon need to have such a strategic mind, and have the ability to come up with whatever strategy needed to achieve victory.

Ability to Influence the Minds of Others

We live in a world made by people, and the more ambitious our goals are, the more people we need win over. That’s why, as a Black Falcon, you always have to have a network of people at your fingertips. You also need to have the ability to assess the moods, and interpret the thoughts of others. This way, you can motivate them to help you achieve your goal.

Self Defense Skills

Black Falcons are unique, and like all things unique, there will always be those trying to bring us down. Our ability to strategize gives us an edge over them, but we never know how they’re going to try and attack us. Self defense skills will give you the mental and body discipline you need protect yourself, and come out victorious from the worst possible situations

Wealth Management Skills

We live in a world run by money, and currency has become a definition for power. In order to be successful as a Black Falcon, and achieve your goals, you must be able to establish yourself financially. If you can do that, you’ll be able to live the life you’ve always envisioned for yourself, and focus your attention on acquiring your ambitions.

Ability to Learn Rules and Patterns

We all know the basic laws that dictate our survival in society. But there are also other laws, such as the rules of social dynamics, and cultural traditions that dictate our success or failure. As Black Falcon, you must be able to notice the rules governing the world around you, and use them to help you achieve your goals

There are many other skills that will become useful as you become more and more adept as a Black Falcon. But these basic skills will ensure your survival and success in the world.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Five Pillars of a Black Falcon

There are many ways how black falcons are different from others around us.

While others cling onto their current life for security, we seek new life for freedom.

While others work so they have food to eat, and a place to sleep, we work to gain the resources we need to fulfill our dreams.

While others stay within the world they’re familiar with, we fly out to turn unfamiliar worlds into our hunting ground.

For most people, as long as they’re healthy, moderately wealthy, and have a mate they can depend on, they’ll be happy to continue on with their lives. But we Black Falcons want to do much more with our lives, and to do that, there are five pillars within us that we need to constantly build and support:


Our lives are dangerous, and we survive, and succeed in it because we have the ability to outwit others around us. So as a black falcon, you must keep sharpening your wits. Stay informed, especially of what’s happening around us. Keep gaining new skills, and improve the ones you already have so you can maneuver freely in any territory. Most importantly, keep gaining new experiences, because that’s what will make you powerful.


We black falcons are majestic creatures who don’t need the glamorous outfit of peacocks to stand out. When others look at us with envy in their eyes, it is because we are such magnificent creatures naturally. So be confident, be edgy, and be charming. Let those qualities shine as you walk into the world, and start building a personal magnetism that will attract others to you.


Black Falcons are the perfect hunters, and we need a strong body to carry our will to the world. You must keep yourself active to keep your body strong, and free. You must also nourish your body by eating foods that help build your perfect body. The healthier you are, the more power you’ll have, and the more power you have, the freer you’ll be.


Black Falcons have high goals and ambitions, but we live in a material world, driven by money. We must, therefore, acquire enormous wealth. This way, we’ll have the resources to not only survive, but to build our dreams, whatever they are.

Self Discipline

Most people are controlled by their instincts, but we Black Falcons control our instincts. We are ambitious, driven, and motivated because these instincts help us get what we want in life. At the same time, we stay on top of our fear, weaknesses, and our inner darkness, only using them to get what we want in life.

Also, as you grow these pillars, remember to keep them in balance. This way, you will have the power you need to master your life, and the freedom to shape it, however you want.

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The Law and Us

Before you embark upon the life of a black falcon, there is something you should keep in mind.

We black falcons are unique. We want to get what we want, do whatever we feel like, live by our own codes, and be who we are. But we’re living in a world with very strict rules called the Law, and it is designed to keep us in place. To be the black falcons we are, eventually we’ll cross paths with the law. The question then becomes, do we stay within its boundaries, or do we cross it?

First of all, if there’s anything you need to know about the law, it would be that the law is not perfect. It is filled with statements that contradict each other’s purpose, not to mention all the loopholes that come with it. In fact, the world is filled with people who use the law to serve their own benefits. So the first thing we need to learn, as black falcons, is how to protect ourselves from the law.

Start by becoming familiar with the law. As much as the law can be used against you, much of the law is actually designed for your benefits. If you understand the law, it can become a powerful tool for you.

You should also make sure you have adequate legal protection. Think of it as an insurance policy. There are people in the world who don’t want us to be who we are, and if they can, they will use any means possible to strike you down. A good lawyer can help fend off those attacks for you, and guide you out of difficult situations.

But as a Black Falcon, you have a different survival need than everyone else. Your pride is your livelihood, and your ambition is your drive. You must have the skills, the intelligence, and the power needed to out maneuver laws that try to take away your freedom. Your dreams, your purpose is too important to be washed away by some law.

Still, remember who we are. We’re not thieves. We’re not murderers, and we are not criminals. We’re above all that.

We’re black falcons, the majestic creatures who roam the world freely, and without apology.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why a Black Falcon?

When human beings want to evolve, and become more than they currently are, they often borrow a powerful symbol to help them grow. That's why pretty much everything from lions to stars has once been used as a symbol for human beings' unlimited potential. That's why, in order to tap into this potential, and use it to live the life we love and are devoted to, we have adopted the symbol of a black falcon.

You may be wondering, why a falcon? Aren't there lots of other creatures to choose from? Why not become a lion, the king of the animal kingdom? Or the great white shark, the notorious hunter in the sea. Even the sky has bigger birds, like the eagles, roaming it? If we want to be above all others, why do we choose to be a falcon?

To answer that question, let's remember who we need to be. Sure, you need to be smart, cunning, and ambitious, so that you can hunt down and get what you want in life, like the powerful hunter you are. But above all else, you want to be free, and have the freedom to watch the world without restrictions. Neither lions nor the great white sharks can do this. As powerful as they are, as soon as they appear, others would usually run in fear. An eagle may be able to roam the sky, but because of their nature, they don't have their own sky, and while they can observe others from the sky, they themselves are observed.

Falcons, on the other hand, have the freedom that no one else has. Like eagles, they are swift hunters, and have the strong wings and claws needed to instantly hunt down their prey. But falcons can become part of their surroundings, and only make their presence known when they want to. They are also one of the smartest birds roaming the sky. That, coupled with an unmatched speed and agility, gives them the freedom to turn foreign environments, even the sky, into their hunting ground.

Falcons are also one of the few creatures that make their own rules in life. They do not nest like most other birds. Instead, they go wherever they want to go, and would nest in the old nests of other birds, or even in cliff ledges or in tree hollows.

As black falcons, we want to be smart, cunning, and powerful so that we can roam the world as the perfect hunters we are. But above all else, we want to be free, because only when we are free can we truly become a black falcon.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Declarations from the Black Falcon

If you believe in living a modest life, living day to day according to someone else’s rules, and always playing it safe, stop reading.

Life of a black falcon is dangerous. It’s about being the first ones to jump off a cliff, and diving head first into the ocean. It’s about laughing at the face of danger, and taking on challenges others are afraid of. It’s about knowing what you want, and getting it without hesitation. But most importantly, it’s about being free: free to do what you want. Free to go where you want to go. Free to be whoever you want to be.

Black falcons are cunning. As natural survivalists, they are always seeking new opportunities; gather new resources, and gaining new skills.

Black falcons are smart. They are creative in both planning, and executing their plans. They can maneuver in any tough situation, and know exactly how to achieve their victories.

Black falcons are ambitious. They will keep growing, and thriving, beyond their survival. In doing so, they are able to strengthen their wings, and achieve whatever they want in life.

Black falcons live by their own rules. They move through the world without apology, always staying one step ahead of everyone else. They are unique creatures that can do anything they set their minds to.

There are no tricks to becoming a black falcon. Sure, there are many useful tools that will help black falcons be black falcons. But you should only use these tools if you are ready. If you try to imitate a black falcon, instead of becoming one, these tools will turn on you, and you will pay a heavy price for trying to use them.

So how do you become a black falcon? You have to have guts, and determination. You have to start standing out, or even stepping out from your current life, and surround yourself with other black falcons. You have to be strong, smart, and cunning. But above all, you have to give everything you have to the life of a black falcon, and then some more.

There is an exciting new world waiting for you right now, and all you have to do is dive into it like a black falcon. So, are you ready?

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