Friday, August 7, 2009


All hunters, no matter how good their hunting skills are, need their own safe haven to rest, and gather resources so that they will have the strength needed to hunt down those really valuable targets.

We Black Falcons are the same.

But unlike most other hunters, we are not totally dependent on our safe haven. We can nest anywhere, anytime, and gather all the resources we need to strengthen ourselves before leaving our nest. To us, our nests are not just a home. It is more of a symbol of our ability to adapt and strengthen ourselves, regardless of the situation we find ourselves in.

Nesting is an art for us Black Falcons. Unlike others, we don’t just look for somewhere that’s comfortable, and start building our lives around us. Rather, we decide what we want to do, and find a nest that will support it. Typically, a Black Falcon’s nest would exhibit the following traits:


This is the basic requirement for a nest. In order for us to keep performing as the best hunters we can be, we Black Falcons always want to make sure that our nests can nourish us. So the first things you need to do when nesting yourself is prepare your nest with:
  • A generous supply of healthy foods
  • Mediums that let you keep in touch with the world around you (such as TV, Telephone, Internet, and News and Magazine subscriptions.)
  • Easily Accessible Cleaning Supplies and Storage Units to keep your nest clean and organized
  • Good quality clothes for all social occasions
  • Proper Furnishing to showcase your nest for social occasions
Rich in Resources

No matter what your goals are, if you can easily access the resources you need, you will have a much better chance of achieve them, particularly if there are other competitors in your way. We Black Falcons are always pursuing a goal. So naturally, you need to have a nest that can store all the resources you need.

Here are a few things your nest needs:
  • Books and reference materials both rich in information and topic-specific for your goals
  • Specific tools and gadgets that help you in your pursuits
  • Money or mediums, such as keys to storage units, in case you need to quickly access money in emergency
  • Secure storage options to let you safe keep the resources you gather
  • Contact books, business card holders, and some type of organization system that let you quickly find and reach the contacts you need for different purposes.
Conveniently Located

Black Falcons are always on the go, pursuing their desires. So they need to have access to various resources outside of their nests. So we Black Falcons should do everything in our power to make sure that our nests have easy access to:
  • Grocery and convenient stores
  • Drug stores and health clinics
  • Major roads and public transportation options
  • Social gathering venues

A Black Falcon’s nest is extremely valuable. So we must safeguard it from other predators. When you build a nest for yourself, you must spend just as much effort into securing it as you are to building it. In fact, your goal should be to make your nest only assessable to you. If others want to access it, they must do it in your presence.

Here are a few ways to secure your nest:
  • Use password, or secure access technology instead of locks, which can be picked
  • Secure your nest with a reputable security company
  • Install cameras, and monitoring devices to warn you if danger is approaching
  • Find a nest that is not directly beside a lot of foot traffic
Easy to Relocate From

A Black Falcon’s nest has one purpose and one purpose only: to support a Black Falcon. A Black Falcon is always in pursuit of their goals, and sometimes, this pursuit will require the Falcon to relocate. In this case, the nest must be able to easily and swiftly move from it.

Here are a few ways to prepare your home for relocation
  • Avoid tying yourself to the nest with debts and other commitments
  • Prepare portable storage units that let you relocate whenever you want
  • Have storage outside of your nest for resources you want in storage
  • Have access to vehicles

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