Monday, August 3, 2009

When Life is Not So Great

Suppose today, someone broke into your house, and completely cleared your house. What would you do?

Most people would probably start panicking at this point. They would jump up and down, not knowing what to do. A lot of people would even keep trying to look around the house, as if they’re trying to find some kind of evidence to deny the burglary. When reality finally sets in, they would finally call the police. But by then, they would have lost a lot of valuable time, and makes it harder for the police to track down the criminals for them.

A Black Falcon would do something completely different. Being the natural hunters they are, the first thing they would do is immediately try to capture the criminals. So the first thing they would do is immediately call the police. They would then immediately follow up the efforts by putting the alerts out on all their bank cards, credit cards, and personal identification documents. Finally, they would focus their efforts on replacing the stolen properties, and adapt their lives to move on, despite of their loss.

The difference between the two is obvious.

Most people are completely powerless over themselves, so they are equally as powerless over their own lives. They live day to day, under a system someone else set up for them. Then as something happens, and that system is disrupted, the go on a frenzy. They gave up their power to others, so they don’t have any power left for themselves.

Black Falcons runs into all the same accidents and unfortunate events as everyone else. But the one thing that defines Black Falcons is their power over themselves. If something strikes them down, they have the power within them to get right back up. They are always in control of their own lives, so even in the face of a few accidents; they will still take charge, and fix whatever problems that overtake them.

So when you walk through life, always demonstrate that you have power over yourself, and that your life is not dictated by others. If you do that, you will notice that even the most severe accidents don’t affect you as much, and you will know exactly how to deal with these problems.

Good luck, Black Falcons.

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