Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Black Falcons' Magnetism

To be a Black Falcon, you must always grace the world with a magnetic presence. When you walk into the world, you want every pair of eyes in the room to turn towards you. When you meet someone, you want to immediately win over that person, and make them want to follow you. In fact, how successful you are as a Black Falcons depends on your ability to attract and win over the minds of others.

Here are the characteristics of a black falcon’s magnetism

Dependable Strength

People are constantly looking to align themselves with others, but the world is always teaching them the consequences of aligning with the wrong people. At the very least, you need to be able to gain others’ trust. A Black Falcon can do this by projecting an aura of strength, and would naturally let others feel safe to depend on them.

Personal Glow and Charm

Some people naturally stand out. Without spending their savings blindly following the latest fashion trend, or hide in an exotic foreign vehicle, these people naturally stand out from the crowd. Black Falcons are these people. Without trying, they would shine like a star, and draw others naturally into their lives.


Sex one of the strongest instincts of all animals. We Black Falcons understand this, and we also understand the power it has beyond a simple mating ritual. We are always projecting a feeling of sexuality to others around us. This makes us Black Falcons naturally attractive, even if we’re not trying to mate with someone.


People are either consciously or unconsciously drawn to others who are valuable to them. Black Falcons are always gaining resources, new skills, and social connections. We would, therefore, continue to gain values, and these values are naturally communicated to others through the way we conduct our, so others naturally want to align themselves with us.

Personal Abundance

Most people are not in control of their lives. They live in scarcity, and are too busy with their own lives to develop a personal charm. We Black Falcons are always in control of our lives, and are always living with abundance. So we naturally project this abundance to others, which would attract others to us.


Finally, Black Falcons’ would also project a hint of danger to others. We have a way of keeping others at the edge, and keep them guessing what our next moves would be. Every moment others spend with us, they would feel like they’re in an adventure. This is why we Black Falcons can always draw others into our lives with their curiosity.

The way to develop your personal magnetism is by keep going out, and winning others over. The more people you win over, the more magnetism you will get, and the more successful you will become as a Black Falcon

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