Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Be Dominant, Be Direct

Black Falcons, now is the time you take everything you have learned so far, and show the world what it means to be a Black Falcon.

So what do you have to do?

Simple: all you have to do is go to a public social location, such as a cafĂ©, a restaurant, or a lounge, strike up a conversation, and introduce yourself as a Black Falcon. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

So let’s make this game more challenging. After introducing yourself as a Black Falcon, your goal is to get the person excited about the Black Falcons, and get their contact information so that you can send them the information they need to realize their potential as Black Falcons. Do this every day, and each day, you want to collect more contacts than the previous day.

When you are first starting out, this is probably what’s going to happen:

You’re going to sit by yourself, trying to figure out what to say while people walk by all around you. You’ll then have to spend even more time trying to make up your mind to approach someone before you actually talk to someone. Then when you finally start talking, the conversation will mostly likely be about something completely unrelated to the Black Falcons. You may end up talking about the Black Falcons, you may not, but even if you do, the topic will just sound like another conversation topic, and the other person won’t give it too much attention.

So instead, this is what you should do:

  1. Go up to the person, and introduce yourself directly (i.e. Hi, my name is X.)
  2. Let them introduce themselves, and respond to them appropriately
  3. Start a conversation about the Black Falcons
  4. Get their contact information

As you can see, there are no tricks to the conversation itself. This is because what you say doesn’t matter. The only way to truly win someone over is by demonstrating that you are a true Black Falcon. You must move through the room without apology, and approach someone confidently. You must have a magnetic presence that will immediately draw the other person into your presence, and gain control of their fear to gain their respect.

And you must do all of this by simply walking over to the person, and say hi.

Only then can you truly call yourself a Black Falcon.

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