Monday, August 10, 2009

Fight Club

Finding references to a Black Falcon’s lifestyle is not easy, especially since pop culture, in general, promotes the mediocre lifestyle of most people. But once in a blue moon, something would come out of the left field, and impress even us Black Falcons.

In 1996, author Chuck Palahniu wrote a novel called “Fight Club.” The book is then adapted to movie, starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. The movie has since gained cult status, and has continued to impact movie lovers even to this day.

The main character of the movie, commonly referred to as the narrator, is a common office worker. The movie starts with him trying to find a cure to his insomnia. He later found the cure by attending various support groups as an imposter for various symptoms. Unfortunately, the cure didn’t last too long because there was another imposter, Marla Singer, attending the same groups as he. So finally in desperation, he negotiates a deal with Marla, so both of them can attend the support groups without running into each other.

After flying home from a business trip, the narrator finds his house destroyed by an explosion. With no one to turn to in the situation, he called a man named “Tyler Durden,” a soap salesman whom he met on the plane. From that point on, the two started living together. Together, they started the “Fight Club,” which is essentially a gathering of people who comes together, and fight with one another just for the fun of it.

Eventually, though, Tyler started distancing himself from the narrator, and started his own private armies all around the country. Then after a series of events, the narrator discovers something called “Project Mayhem.” After digging deeper, it is revealed that Tyler wants to blow up every major creditor in America. The narrator also discovers that his friend, Tyler Durden is , in fact, the narrator’s own alter ego. So in an effort to stop Tyler, the narrator shot himself, and is wounded, but alive. Nevertheless, the bombs still detonated in the buildings of all the major creditors, completing the goal of Project Mayhem.

So how is this movie important to us Black Falcons?

In a sense, we Black Falcons are also trying to accomplish what Tyler Durden wanted to achieve with Project Mayhem. We want the freedom to choose our own lives, and not be controlled by some system set up by society. We also want to strengthen ourselves, just like how the men in fight club strengthen themselves.

But most important thing about Fight Club is that it tells us Black Falcons what it is that makes us different. It is not our clothes, the cars we drive, or how much money we make. It is who we are as a person that makes us Black Flacons.
So if you haven’t watched the movie, make sure that you do. This movie will change the way you see the world, and help start your journey as a Black Falcon.

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