Friday, August 14, 2009

The Disappointing Game

Black Falcons thrive on the night scene. Through interacting with others, we gain the skills we need to win people over, and let them help us with our quest.

But the night scene is also the hunting ground for another breed of hunters: the pickup artists. These hunters thrive on the affection of others, and the more people they seduce, the more active they become.

The pickup community is also one of the fastest growing communities out there. These hunters, mostly men, are out and about every chance they get, trying to perfect their seduction techniques so they can more effectively conquer their targets.
But members of this community don’t seem to have the dignity, or even the realization, of a hunter.

This could be a gross generalization of course. After all, from what we can see, there are many factions of pick up communities. So it is possible that some of them, like we Black Falcons, actually carry themselves with dignity. But when we step into a club, almost always we see these pickup artists performing for the women they desire, hoping that their performance will gain the women’s approval.

True hunters never bow down to their prey, and in many ways, these pick up artists are doing just that. The way they perform for the women in clubs are no different than the way a street performer would hold out an empty hat, then sing, dance, or perform magic to try to win over some spare change. They may win a few nights of glory playing their game, but every time we Black Falcons see the same pick up artists performing in the same clubs, it becomes obvious to us that despite their victories, they really have not grown.

The book that most pick up artists today follow, called “The Game” seems to be more evident t this fact.

The techniques within the book suggest that the pickup artist first make himself stand out by wearing ridiculous clothes and gadgets. Then starting to talk to a woman, “nag” the target by saying things like “too bad I’m gay, otherwise I’ll be totally into you.” The combine the nags with “kino,” that is, apparently, a fancy way of saying to physically touch the girl, and then slowly ease the girl into sleeping with the pickup artist.

What the book should have taught readers is, instead, how to improve themselves so that they’re naturally attractive. After all, while these pickup artists walk into a club, and start performing magic to the women, plenty of men can actually simply walk in, start a conversation, and immediately, they’ve already won the girl.

As for integrating the pickup arts to the Black Falcons’ community…well…if the Game is any indication, it won’t happen anytime soon.

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