Thursday, August 20, 2009

Laying Down Your Plan

A beast jumps on a prey as soon as it’s hungry, and in the process, exposes itself to the risks of traps from other predators. A hunter, on the other hand, walks into every situation prepared. They walk into a situation, ready to take down their targets. That’s why, as a Black Falcon, you cannot settle for the abilities of a beast. You must also become a hunter, and the way to do that is by knowing how to lay out a plan.

To lay out a plan, you must have control, at least to some degrees, over 5 essential elements. These are:


It doesn’t matter how good your plan is, or what opportunities are given. To be successful, you must be the superior hunter. So you must keep improving yourself, and become a better Black Falcon. If you can do that, you’ll have a very strong foundation for success.


Resources in this case are defined as anything you need to attain your goals. Ideally, these resources should already be in your possession. However, in case that you don’t have all the resources you need, you must develop a plan that would give you access to these resources, and use it to achieve your goals.


When are you going to start on your goal, and when are you going to achieve it? These are the two questions you need to ask yourself as you are developing a plan. Also, you need to keep your eyes open for opportunities, which are often time sensitive, and time your plans so that you can take advantage of them.

Your Social Circle

The people around you can be your most valuable resources, if you use them properly Figure out what everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are, and how you can use that to achieve your goal. You should also figure out what kind of people you need in your social circle so that you can achieve your goal.


So how are you going to get your goal? How do you use the skills, the resources, and time you have to get your goal? Your strategy defines how you are going to act in accordance to your plan, so that you may get whatever it is you want.

Finally, keep your plans to yourself, or only share with those who you know you can trust. This will make your plans more effective as you are executing them.

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