Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why a Black Falcon?

When human beings want to evolve, and become more than they currently are, they often borrow a powerful symbol to help them grow. That's why pretty much everything from lions to stars has once been used as a symbol for human beings' unlimited potential. That's why, in order to tap into this potential, and use it to live the life we love and are devoted to, we have adopted the symbol of a black falcon.

You may be wondering, why a falcon? Aren't there lots of other creatures to choose from? Why not become a lion, the king of the animal kingdom? Or the great white shark, the notorious hunter in the sea. Even the sky has bigger birds, like the eagles, roaming it? If we want to be above all others, why do we choose to be a falcon?

To answer that question, let's remember who we need to be. Sure, you need to be smart, cunning, and ambitious, so that you can hunt down and get what you want in life, like the powerful hunter you are. But above all else, you want to be free, and have the freedom to watch the world without restrictions. Neither lions nor the great white sharks can do this. As powerful as they are, as soon as they appear, others would usually run in fear. An eagle may be able to roam the sky, but because of their nature, they don't have their own sky, and while they can observe others from the sky, they themselves are observed.

Falcons, on the other hand, have the freedom that no one else has. Like eagles, they are swift hunters, and have the strong wings and claws needed to instantly hunt down their prey. But falcons can become part of their surroundings, and only make their presence known when they want to. They are also one of the smartest birds roaming the sky. That, coupled with an unmatched speed and agility, gives them the freedom to turn foreign environments, even the sky, into their hunting ground.

Falcons are also one of the few creatures that make their own rules in life. They do not nest like most other birds. Instead, they go wherever they want to go, and would nest in the old nests of other birds, or even in cliff ledges or in tree hollows.

As black falcons, we want to be smart, cunning, and powerful so that we can roam the world as the perfect hunters we are. But above all else, we want to be free, because only when we are free can we truly become a black falcon.

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